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Hi, I'm Andrew Ciszczon! Known for asking thought provoking questions and my mantra is "because the status quo isn't good enough."

Andrew Ciszczon's Bio:

Versatile, highly resourceful, and quick to learn Andrew Ciszczon always has his eyes and ears open for the latest in innovation, technology, marketing, and strategy. He’s particularly excited by the increasing possibilities of 3D printing, Tesla’s open source announcement last summer and Toyota’s seeming response more recently. While Andrew has a wide array of skills and competencies, he excels in situations requiring a mix of creativity, strategy, and data analysis. He has a knack for asking thought provoking questions and seeing challenges from multiple perspectives, something that he has continuously developed in his past finance and audit roles. His goal is to lead the marketing or innovation efforts to deliver the best value to the customer.

To satisfy his endless thirst for development Andrew is currently pursuing an MBA from Baldwin Wallace University, absorbing as much as he can from Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup, and almost always taking a MOOC.


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Andrew Ciszczon's Interests & Activities:

I love futbol, football, hockey, and MotoGP. Oh, and of course spending time with the family. I enjoy good craft beers, traveling (not the act, but the destination), and good food. I enjoy reading fiction particularly Vince Flynn and Ted Bell as well as anything that comes from Pixar studios.

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